Basic research

The basic research allows to acquire and to widen the field of the knowledge on molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms.


It consists mainly of the analysis of experimental works realized on systems of in vitro and in vivo modelling developed thanks to the curiosity and the creativity of the fundamental researchers.

It's the first and essential stage to the understanding of the pathological changes, as well as the mechanisms of action of a medicine.

The Basic research allows to test hypotheses put by researchers to answer their curiosity to acquire and widen the knowledge on molecular, cellular, physiological and pathological mechanisms.


The fundamental research team drafts for it experimental protocols which it tests through complex systems of in vitro and in vivo modelling.


In the cardio-vasculo-renal domain, the experimental models consist, for example, in "cultivating" in laboratories of the cardiac, renal or vascular cells, to understand the mechanisms of development of the diseases and test in vitro the promising medicinal molecules. These ones will may be then measured (for example in the blood or the urine) in man, it is what we call "biomarkers". It is them which will allow to anticipate the disease by selecting the patients the most susceptible to benefit new medicine, with least unwanted effects

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