Becoming Post-Doctoral fellowship, INI-CRCT welcomes

The INI-CRCT network and its partners welcome fellows who want to develop a research project for cardio-renal disease :

"I am an Italian Doctor specialized in Cardiology since 2014. In Italy, I work on the hospital of Perugia in the cardiology department managed by Pr Guiseppe AMBROSIO. I have joined the Clinical Investigation Center of Nancy in November 2014 for a period of one year of research.


I chose to come to Nancy because the CIC - P of Nancy is a big Investigation center with qualified and recognized people all over the world. The CIC P is an ideal structure for a doctor like me who has many interests in the field of the cardiovascular research. The staff is highly qualified and is well prepared to welcome researchers who come from abroad.


I worked on a clinical trial, HF-COM wich had for objective purpose to estimate the degree of residual congestion of lungs at the end of hospitalization for cardiac insufficiency by lung ultrasound and its impact on the forecast of these patients. I also took advantage of this stay for developing skills in the field of medical statistics and participate into randomized clinical trials.


Today, I am leaving the CIC-P to continue my project in Italy. I am very happy of this collaboration and I wish that it continues even after my return in Italy."


Stéphano COIRO.



I am a Portuguese Doctor. At the moment, I am in post-doctoral fellowship in the Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) in Nancy. The CIC is a large clinical investigation center with expertise in the cardiovascular area.


I chose to come to Nancy because the projects developed at CIC and the clinical research in general interest me. What's motivated me the most, the CIC publications I've seen in several newspapers.I have known the Prs Rossignol and Zannad and Dr. Girerd through the studies they published in major newspapers.


My project is right in line with the projects developed by this center. After that I contacted the CIC to work with them. I work on the project Homage and Stanislas cohort.In particular I take care of patient enrollment and follow-up in the study (ultrasound).


Today, the activities of INICRCT network interests me and I joined. "


Joao Pedro FERREIRA.



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