INI-CRCT partner of the Hospitalo-Universitaire (RHU) Fighting Heart Failure (FIGHT-HF) research program : a 9 million euros grant from the French Government Investment for the future program !

Patrick Rossignol is the coordinator of the FIGHT-HF multidisciplinary (integrating key multidisciplinary basic science and clinical expertise in the cardiorenal field - cardiology, geriatricians, nephrology, hypertension and HF specialists, intensivists and GPs, trialists, epidemiologists, methodologists and engineers in imaging, Information and Communication Technology, informatics, electronics, mathematics and network sciences, involving regional and national  networks of excellence)  and disruptive research programme (2016-2020) presented on behalf of the  FHU CARTAGE ( - Coordinator Pr Athanase Bénétos, CHRU de Nancy, Université de Lorraine and  Inserm), jointly with INI-CRCT, the F-CRIN partners platform, 4 regional SMEs, Centre National de Genotypage and l’Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire « Liryc » from  Bordeaux.



So far, driven by a trialists’ approach, clinically actionable classifiers of heart failure (HF) are limited to ejection fraction (EF), i.e. HFREF and HFPEF and chronic and acute HF.   Despite major progress in HFREF, mortality is still alarmingly high. No progress has been made in HFPEF and in acute HF. Taking advantage of our teams’ leadership in several on-going major programmes (EU FP7s, Trials, ANR, PHRC), FIGHT-HF calls for a disruptive strategic approach, combining knowledge based on i) underlying mechanisms, ii) omics and imaging bioprofiling, iii) co-morbidities and iv) holistic disease management to define mechanistically relevant and clinically actionable bioprofiles. With the ultimate aim of generating new HF classifiers, and to improve patient outcomes, we specifically propose :



1. Identifying and validating new biotargets of relevant underlying mechanisms and associated biomarkers of transition to/progression of HF and its comorbidities, within our areas of expertise (fibrosis, large arteries, coagulation, TREM-1).


2. Validation of omics, telomere dynamics, and MRI imaging bio-profiling to guide therapy


3. Evaluating disease management strategies taking into account the commonest co-morbidities (Hypertension, Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease), frailty in the older ones, the need for remote-monitoring, patient reported outcomes and cost effectiveness.


4. Applying a network-based science approach, data integration and mining of our data-intensive programmes, translating abundant and diverse data into relevant, meaningful and actionable information with the aim of improving effectiveness and efficiency of care and disease management, and generating new hypotheses.


5. Developing and exploiting sustainable and commercially viable novel technologies, biomarkers (multiplex chips, new electro-MRI imaging) and therapies (TREM-1, patient-centred telemedicine loop), through professional IP management, expanding a robust portfolio of patents and R&D support to 4 regional SMEs, including 2 start-ups stemming from our research labs.


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