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CRIGH - P2 - Pre-meeting survey

lun, 17/06/2019 - 10:17

For the deck of slides which were forwarded to Øyvind Melien for the opening session please follow this link.

WHY THIS SURVEY?On the 20th and 21st of June will take place CRIGH's 2nd General Assembly. This short survey has for objective to collecte the contribution of the Project 2 members in order to prepare the breakout session scheduled on the second day. It targets two main issues: 1- the collection of additional topics/issues to be discussed during the breakout session 2- the assesment of the hurdles/issues to overcome within Project 2 for some efficient and effective work. Thank you for taking a few minutes to share with us your inputs and suggestions. CONTRIBUTOR'S INFORMATION Name * Email * 1. DEFINITION OF GLOBAL CORE COMPETENCIES – COMPLEMENTING AND PROMOTING AN EXISTING FRAMEWORK What is your view on this approach? * What should be the priorities? * Which pitfalls should we pay attention to? * Suggestions on how our objective should be achieved? * 2. DEVELOPMENT OF USEFUL EDUCATIONAL CONCEPT AND PRACTICE What should be the priorities? * Opportunities which should be seized? * WORK WITHIN PROJECT 2 Impediments to your involvement in Project 2? * Processes and/or means to be setup to facilitate/improve work/communication within Project 2? * Suggestions to the Coordination Team * Leave this field blank CAPTCHACette question permet de s'assurer que vous êtes un utilisateur humain et non un logiciel automatisé de pollupostage (spam).
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